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2- Shipping
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Purchase safely and reliably through our payment gateway BBVA REDSYS. 

- PAY PAL: Online payment through PayPal is the easiest, fastest and safest way to make your purchase.

You can pay your order by making a transfer to the account number that appears on your order form. You can also make a free entry of costs in any BBVA ATM at any time of the day and without having to have an account or bank card. Remember to enter the reference of the order you have made in the concept. Once we check the deposit, we will start the order. Mind this method of payment can delay the delivery of your order in two or three working days, which may take time to verify the payment. To accelerate the process involved in this method, we recommend that you send us the payment vouchers to any of our contact methods. 
You have 24 hours from the moment you place the order to make the payment, otherwise your order will be canceled and the item (s) will be for sale again.



-Mondial Relay (Only France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands & Austria): 
Our most economical international shipping rate. Purchase without weight limit for a single price. Shipping with tracking number, collected by the customer at the Mondial Relay pick-up point nearest to the address provided.

- SPANISH PENINSULAR 48/96 HS MAIL: Our cheapest shipping rate. Buy without weight limit for a single rate (€ 3 shipping to Peninsular Spain). Certified, insured and localized shipping. - SPANISH PENINSULAR 24 HS EXPRESS MAIL: Receive your order the day after it is made (only working days). Buy without weight limits for a single rate (€ 7 shipping to Peninsular Spain). Certified, insured and localized shipping. Only applicable for orders placed before 2:00 p.m. on the day before the order is to be received.

- 24/96 HS BALEARES MAIL: Our cheapest shipping rate. Buy without weight limit for a single rate (€ 6 shipping to Balearic Islands). Certified, insured and localized shipping. 

- 4-7 DAYS CEUTA/MELILLA/CANARIAS MAIL: Our cheapest shipping rate. Buy up to 1kg of weight. (€ 10 shipping to Ceuta / Melilla / Canary Islands). Certified, insured and localized shipping. Purchases made from Ceuta, Melilla or the Canary Islands are VAT free although they may entail costs applied by customs and these must be paid by the customer.

- SEUR/AIR STARPACK /TNT/GLS 5-7 DAYS INTERNATIONAL MAIL: Our most economical international shipping rate. We will choose the delivery company that best suits your order. (From € 20 shipments throughout Europe). Certified, insured and localized shipping. Purchases made from non-EU countries may entail expenses applied by the customs office corresponding to the country of destination and these must be paid by the client.

- LOCAL PICKUP: You can pick up your order in our city after 24 hours from purchase. Contact us to set the date and time of collection. Deliveries in hand take place ONLY in the city of OURENSE. 


Normally, all orders received before 2:00 p.m.will be sent on the same day, as long as it is working day. Otherwise, the shipment will be made the next day or the next working day.
For international orders, only those received before 11:00 p.m. will be sent on the same day as long as it is working. Otherwise, the shipment will be made the next day or the next working day.



Once we process your order you will receive the tracking number in the email that you have given us in the registration form. Depending on the chosen delivery company you can check the status of your shipment in real time on the appropriate website

         -Mondial Relay: https://www.mondialrelay.com/

         - Spanish Mail: http://www.correos.es/ss/Satellite/site/aplicacion-4000003382119-herramientas_y_apps/detalle_app-sidioma=es_ES

         - Spanish Express Mailhttps://s.correosexpress.com/home

         - Seur: http://www.seur.com/en/seguimiento-online.do

         - GLS: https://www.gls-spain.es/en/service-for-recipients/parcel-tracking/

         - TNT: https://www.tnt.com/express/es_es/site/herramientas-envio/seguimiento.html

         - Air Starpack : http://www.skynet.es/marco_tracking.html



In the exclusive case of losses by the delivery company (always excluding cases in which the customer is directly responsible for an error in the management of their own data) we offer the client the coverage and the total reimbursement of the costs of the garment and the shipment.
In this situation and to proceed with the reimbursement of the order, a waiting period (between 15 and 30 days) will be necessary for the mediation and resolution of the conflict betweenBROTHERS & SISTERS C.B. and the delivery company responsible for the shipment in question.
Once a final conclusion has been reached with the delivery company, we will arrange to contact the customer and make the refund by the same method for which the payment was made, as appropriate.


Although these are not usual, sometimes there may be delays by the delivery company in the delivery of your order. The delivery dates provided are indicative, so we kindly ask you to be patient if you find yourself in this situation.

If you are interested in having the item before certain dates (Christmas, Three Wise Men, Easter ...) we recommend that you place your order with enough time to avoid surprises.


All our orders have a packaging prepared manually. You will receive the garment wrapped in a plastic sealed with your invoice inside, all this inside its corresponding cardboard box.
In case you notice that the packaging has signs of having been modified or manipulated, please communicate the incident to the delivery company that made the delivery. So that we can be participants and mediators in the situation, we will need you to send us a copy of this claim and a detailed report of the circumstances to our contact email: brosiscontact@gmail.com.
International orders or the Canary Islands may suffer internal manipulation by customs agents.



Once confirmed and already in the process of preparation it is not possible to cancel an order.


The prices shown in the Brothers & Sisters store include the taxes in force in Spain at the time of sale for second-hand and new products with a label. All the prices that appear in our catalog are valid except for typographical errors. The information contained on our website has been carefully reviewed.  However, despite the monitoring and controls carried out, it may be the case that some data is incomplete, incorrect or simply not updated. In this case, Brothers & Sisters declines any responsibility.


Almost all our items have a return.


  The client will have, by law, 14 days from the receipt of the package to notify the intention to return your order. To do this you must contact us through the contact methods available on the web and explain in a more detailed manner the reasons for his/her decision.

 - Once the incident has been notified and a response has been received, the client must send the garment in question back to our headquarters, assuming for his/her part the transport costs involved in the return. The reception in our offices of the package will have to be made within the aforementioned period of 14 days. The garment / s will be the responsibility of the client from the moment it was received at his/her home until it reaches our headquarters.

The data for the return are the following:

Brothers & Sisters C.B.
Calle Maside Nº 3
Ourense, Galicia.

- Once the garment has been received at our headquarters, we will proceed to carry out the corresponding checks. In case there is no type of incident with the order we will proceed to the reimbursement. "Incidence" is understood as any of the following sections:

       o That it is torn off or patched.

       o That is stained.        
That has been used, washed or manipulated.        
That they do not keep the labels as they have been sent from our branch. This section is applicable for both new and second-hand items. 

All our articles pass a rigorous and exhaustive internal control before being uploaded and sent to make sure we know the conditions in which our garments are. In case of having a defect, you will be able to observe previously and before acquiring it an annotation in the description of the article or a photo indicating where this defect is located.
If any of the returned items do not meet some of the requirements detailed above, BROTHERS & SISTERS C.B. reserves the right to revoke this process and deny the reimbursement.


o        OPTION 1: You can request the return of the total cost of the garment except the first shipping costs of this. We will proceed to make the reimbursement by the same method of payment used at the time of placing the order and within a maximum of 48 hours since the check and acceptance of the return.

o        OPTION 2: You can request a refund in the form of a voucher for the total cost of the garment + € 3 courtesy. This voucher can only be redeemed in our store, it will be associated with your customer account and will be exclusive for you. The voucher never expires and you can combine it with your next order.   


Returns of some garments will not be accepted due to hygiene reasons. Those items that do not have a refund are those that belong to the following categories:

- Complements and accessories. 
- Caps, Beanies & Buckets.
- Sneakers



Brothers & Sisters reserves the right to revoke any offer or promotion as long as it considers it appropriate, and without detriment - in any way-  to the customer´s rights.





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